hi babes. i am so impressed with myself- i stuck to a m/w/f posting schedule for a good five weeks!! i was just not feeling it last friday.. so.. that happened. but i have some things to share with you today!! this is really a catch-all post. so get ready for some v-a-r-i-e-t-y !
first, some more valentines day stuff!

(1) some printables from a blog about love in collaboration with kos&co & inadvertent haiku.. designed to keep things spicy, ya know? download here.
(2) kissable lips! NARS turksih delight is the perfect compromise.. light enough for you to pucker up without consequences (; here
(3) essie nail polish in tangerine. perfection. here
(4) late last week, joy the baker blessed us with these pink frosted donuts topped with toasted coconut. seriously?? too much.
(5) dandee shared an adorable diy valentine card. just print & stitch! here
(6) please tell me i am not the only one freaking out about this fluorescent pink extension cord from coleman? my mother in law once gave me a pink box cutter.. serious- one of my favorite gifts ever. every girl should have a set of pink tools! it is the only way to ensure boys don’t touch them and get them dirty & scratched!!!
(7) nordic ware just gets it. i am 110% obsessed with their line of colored bakeware. unfortunately, i have really only seen them at target (in store only)- and at random times. right now, they have a red aluminum baker’s half sheet.. can’t promise how long i will hold out for that baby to go on sale! last spring, i scored a pink cupcake pan. it changed my life. but the best part- their products are so sturdy! definitely keepers. find their springform here
(8) you guys! the jessica hische stamp finally came out!!! ahhh!! yeah, i anticipate new stamp designs. so what?! buy a few sheets here! sorry if you are in galveston- i def. bought their last five sheets !!!! you should also stop by here: mom this is how twitter works. you never stop learning, yo!

last week i made some chili! i passed up my usual go to from smitten kitchen and took my chances on this one i found on epicurious. it was pretty good! i subtracted the jalapenos, added quite a bit more chili powder, a little more cumin, & a splash of cider vinegar. so! you should warm yourself from the inside this week & make some chili!! (yep.)

AND! here is what happened this weekend!!

(1) MARDI GRAS! just so you know, parking is a b****!!!
(2) I HAVE NO WILL POWER. this whole not-drinking-soda bull is hard. but! the weather was soooo nice on saturday. and nothing has every tasted better, i think!
(3) swear- she spent 90% of the weekend in this position. humanstyle, yall.
(4) my one jason wu for target indulgence. did you score anything?? i was really interested in checking the handbags. weird thing, though- galveston’s target seemed to be a little more interested in featuring their mardi gras merchandise than their jason wu stuff. no.. a lot more. NOT OKAY.

miss you! check back tomorrow for a small treat!


  1. everything jason wu at my local target was left overs…all larges that were potato sacks. :/


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